What is an electronic ticket?
It is a ticket, that has the unique number (ticket ID) registered in the electronic system of tickets turnover.

What are the types of electronic tickets?
There are 2 types of electronic tickets:

1. Tickets on thermoforms.

Printed on thermoforms and for sale in ticket office.

2. A ticket on electronic mail.

It will be on an e-mail after payment of the order.

What must the electronic ticket contain?

1. Name of the establishment where an event passes.
2. Name of the event.
3. Date
4. Time of beginning.
5. Price
6. A place in a hall
7. A barcode and unique number

Where can you buy electronic tickets to the opera theater?
Today electronic tickets you can buy in:
1. theatre ticket offices
2. on the theatre web-site

Beware of imitations! Nowise do not buy tickets in unintended for this purpose places!